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LIFE IS A CABARET...and then you wake up wearing someone elses' knickers.

NAME EZERA NOMADIA (Stage name) | EZERA BAADER (Ez-er-a Bay-der)
PB Kate Perry (2016-), Rachel Brice (previous)

TYPE Totally human OC.

BUILD Slender dancer’s build w/strong core, lean muscle, small waist, defined upper arms, but, alas, no booty.
HAIR Constantly changing. Natural black-brown hair. Prone to wigs, hair accruements, and hair dye.
EYES Naturally blue but has a growing collection of contacts.

The insane amount of clunky silver bangles on her arms. The tattoo curling around her hip. The infectious laugh. Her outgoing personality (she is eccentric). And then, her ability to disarm and befriend. Her antics.

Burlesque, Bellydance (Fusion), Aerial dance (pole, swing, hoop, hammock, silks), contemporary (lyrical), jazz, ballet 
Cabaret theater, vocalist (Alto), stage performer, actor, writes music, plays guitar and violin but can't play the piano well. She teaches classes in dance, vocal, small theater management, yoga. She is the Creative Director and co-owner of the Katakomb Kabaret in San Franscisco (or New York, depending where RP is being played). She performs on-stage regularly at the cabaret. Her productions are edgy and elegant, political and comedic but always pushing the boundaries.
Passionate about animals rights, human rights, grassroots activism, community building. She is starting to develop a strong personal cause around police brutality and corruption because of her past (and current) experiance with the police and judicial system. Still tentative but likely to develop very strong victim services advocacy passions in the future.
"I may have occasionally hid some activists and others in my club when the police were looking for them. No major whoop, darling. They were all innocent-ish mischief makers."

"You can call me a Cabaret Culture Diva on the brink of extinction. Like most people walking on this rock hurtling through space, I am an unfinished masterpiece. My goal is to be worth more dead than alive. Like Van Gogh but with nicer ears to cut off to send to former friends."

Ezera is trying to get her club, the Katakomb Kabaret (KK) back from a shady co-owner who may be shadier than she previously thought. Actually, he may have killed her parents ("maybe"). She is burning through her own legal resources and her own health--she has cancer but, she has had some improvements in her prognosis recently. You're not likely to find out that she is sick as it's not something she volunteers unless it becomes absolutely necessary. As the Creative Director of the KK she is responsible for the productions and events that the club puts on. Over the last two years, she has polished up the acts in the club and her own dance style in order to draw a bigger crowd. It's the place to be now and she gets a lot of press (and police attention).

EZERA ("IZZY" to her friends) wears her heart on her sleeve, has a warm personality and generally tries to find the good in all people and situations. While some might call her naive and eccentric (and she is aware of that), she chooses to look at the good, the potential in people, and the bright side while making the best out of bad situations. She believes that life is meant to be lived to the fullest every day, one is not meant to take themselves too seriously and that by helping others in need, you make positive changes in their lives that ripple throughout society. She likes the saying that "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" and believes that it is everyone's responsibility to "elevate". That doesn't mean that she is a saint, doesn't get angry, have bad days, or acts less-than-friendly when she's pissed--she's human--but she fights to be a positive person. Her worldview is the result of family tragedy and personal loss which she chooses not to be defined by but, mostly, by her very private fight with cancer (that she tries not to let stop her) that made her realize that she--that anyone--could be snuffed out of existence at any time with one snap of life's fingers. Therefore she has a very, 'do it, do it now, do not delay' mentality. Another aspect of Ezera's personality as a result of her illness is that she truly wants people to achieve their goals, stand up for what they want and believe in, and be their best selves. And she'll be there to drag her friends kicking and screaming in that direction if they want to or not. In that way, Ezera can be pushy and annoying, especially because what thinks they want and what they really want might not always align. Because she also has very little shame and few reservations (and lacks a filter on that mouth), she doesn't always realize that her friends might be uncomfortable or embarrassed by the antics that she puts them through in her attempt to have everyone have a good time and "help" push past their limiting inhibitions, fears, and self-sabotaging mechanisms. The question is if the illness affected Ezera's worldview so profoundly, who was she before she was sick? Now that was a different Ezera, one that enjoyed the cabaret lifestyle a bit too much, one that was deeply affected by the death of her father and living too fast to numb the feelings she couldn't sort then. But who are we if not the composites of all of our life changes, darling? Ezera is loyal, forgiving, humorous, positive, affectionate, eccentric, supportive, creative, impulsive, passionate, caring, nosy, generous, empathic, conscientious, short-sighted, spirited.

Ezera never really looks the same. She changes hair color and wigs as often as she does her knickers. You can usually hear her coming because her bracelets are clanging along with her. She wears a lot of midriff-revealing tops because she dances a lot and it helps to demonstrate what she's doing. Her favorite show is Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (and she has huge crush on Inspector Jack Robinson) and she loves traveling, oddities and Voodoo Jazz (yes, that's a thing). She also loves vintage clothes, prohibition era artisanal drinks, jazz music from the 1920s, cabaret history, pop music, fishnet stockings, incense, candles, combat boots, oddities, walking barefoot. And she'd murder for a good cup of Earl Grey tea (well, no, obviously). She dislikes close minded people, fears guns, and thinks that an unlived life is one of the worst things that one can choose for themselves. 

The Red Rum w/ Frank Castle aka The Punisher (2017) - Meeting Deadpool was odd enough but for some reason, every time she sees Frank, it's life changing. Ezera gets a cover as an up and coming crime princess to help the trafficked women in other clubs.
Funeral Rights w/Colette Wise (2017) - Sometimes friends help you out in the most horrible moments of your life, like your father's funeral. And sometimes friends get caught up in a drive-by shooting meant to take out your late father's opponents.
Where the Devil don't Go | w/Frank Castle aka The Punisher (2016) - Turning point
Just when she thought that it couldn't worse, they dig her deceased mother up on Izzy's "gut feeling" to see if they could find any clues that might help get her outta this mess. Bring on the Jack Daniels. 
Bullets over broadway
| w/Frank Castle aka The Punisher (2016) - Turning point
Ezera witnesses a man get shot and killed by The Punisher. He ends up saving her life in a misadventure that she never saw coming but ends up with the body count piling up. It only gets worse and Ezera's told that she's wanted for Frank's murders and that Emcee framed her. She makes a choice to put her trust in Frank despite the fact that she knows that her shit could get other people killed (even if they are bad people) but she does not know how she'll deal with the guilt. 
Did we or Didn't we? W/Oni and Kai (2017). Oni and Izzy wake up from a night of drunken debauchery with a nekked man on the floor.  
Strega w/post night drinking with Oni (2017)
Hanging Over w/post night drinking with Oni (2016)
Thanksgiving over at Oni's (2016)
I need to get my shit together | w/ Oni (2016)
Do not get into the way when these two want ice cream. For reals. 
Hello, Lover? w/Morgan  
But where have her knickers gone? And why does her head hurt so bad? Who cares when there's a hot man in your bed the next morning!
The Fuzz hits the fan | Ezera & Police Constable Nicholas Angel
After being threatened by Emcee, Ezera goes to the last place she thinks that she'll find help--the police station. She barely manages to get herself thrown out but is helped by a sympathetic cop who wants to do the right thing.
I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up to No Good | Ezera & Jake - Turning point
After nearly averting disaster, Ezera and Jake head to the Katakomb Kabaret for her performance! However, the cops come when the club is serving really high end but illegal absinthe. Jake swallows a glass of it to get rid of the evidence. Problem is, he doesn't drink. Jake chases the Green Fairy and both he and Ezera get arrested. They have a cute moment. *Turning point: She has the feels for him but he gets killed in-game later on in another thread by a demon. Baader women have a lot of bad luck!*  
Carnival of Cannibalistic Delights..okay it's just a carnival. | Ezera & Oni | Ezera & Jake
Ezera fangirls over Jake, the famous tattoo artist. They spend some time together. Ezera also meets Oni and take a liking to her. They just click, you know? Well, Oni might have something else to say about that.


1. A Snake Charmer (Introduction)

Ezera has a pretty colorful family history and will talk about it forever if you let her. Her father owned the Katacomb Kabaret, one of the most famous original cabarets in Berlin. It was inherited from his father before him, who was not only famous period but famous for his political comedies that were part of the cabaret culture of the time. However, the can you believe it, ze Nazi's didn't quite have the greatest sense of humor and by offending the party he got a ride on the KZ Esterwegen. And yes, before you ask, Cabaret, the Broadway show and movie? Was totally inspired by the Katacomb Kabaret during that period in history and she's happy to rehash it for you with a song and a dance (literally). Ezra’s father was also very politically active against the Communist regime and often got in trouble for trying to ‘stick it to the man’. Well, the ‘man’ sent the Stasi after him and a young officer who Ezera only knew later and only as “Emcee”. Her father spent a month in some detention center, which is a nice way of saying ‘crap hole of the earth’. Emcee kept interrogating him about his political activities. Somewhere along the way though, they got to know one another and worked out a deal—Emcee would help Ezera’s father escape and her father, in turn, would help Emcee vanish from a life he hated in the Stasi. Apparently, Emcee was already in hot water for acting against the sexual offenses act. Ezera’s mom helped her husband hide away political exiles, journalists who got cheeky, and other people who spoke out against the regime. They hid Emcee away until the trouble passed and then, a year later, Emcee started working in the club. Fast forward now-- the wall is closing in on Emcee again but the Berlin wall is also coming down. Ezera’s parents and Emcee, now a good family friend, decide to leave. Decide to leave the cabaret behind to get away from a security apparatus that was cleaning up its mess while it bled out. They started a new cabaret in San Francisco, which Ezera helped run through the years. One day while taking out the garbage, Ezera’s father is killed by muggers with guns. Emcee and Ezera’s mother continued to run the club in his honor, while Ezera struggles to come to grips with what happened to him. To her mother's dismay, she starts to take an active interest in being an activist and humanitarian like her father and gets herself into a lot of different types of trouble. Ezera also starts working in other clubs, some that were quite dodgy. Ezera manages to graduate from college (BA, Dance Ethnology) and she is gone to the wind, traveling the world, teaching dance workshops, yoga and doing whatever she has to in order to make ends meet. One night, she gets a frantic and odd call from her mother basically warning her about Emcee. Three days later, her mother was dead and Ezera returned to California to tie up loose ends. To her dismay, she did not fully own the club, as expected, and Emcee had somehow gotten himself written into the will. Ezera fought it legally but, that only made matters worse. Ezera has been trying to slowly find out the truth, now suspecting Emcee of some much darker ambitions and crimes but never having the evidence to prove it.
MOTHER Mala Badis | Deceased
FATHER Josef Baader| Deceased
GRANDPA Werner Finck
| Deceased SIBLING None
SPOUSE Hahahahahaaaa...

BIRTHPLACE Berlin, Germany
RESIDED San Francisco
TRAVELLED India, Cambodia, Tibet, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Budapest, Europe, Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Afghanistan, Mongolia.
CURRENTLY IN San Francisco (Or New York City depending on RP preferences)

Ezera investigates family murders
Josef Baader murdered
Berlin Wall falls. Baader family flees to USA.
Original Katakomb Kabaret opens in Berlin
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Journal - Entry Two - 8th @ 11pm

Hiring a new Emcee. Good day!  )

Journal - Entry Three - 11th @ 12am

Saw Emcee?...Hanging on by a thread.  )

Journal - Entry Four - 12th @ 11am

Really bad day :( I'll be ok... )

Journal - Entry five - 15th @ 4am

Woops. Crap. (Trigger for health related things) )

Journal - Entry Six - 18th @ 12pm

Father's funeral? )

Journal - Entry Seven - 18th @ 5pm

I need to know... )
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Dear...great, I don't have anyone to address this to...awesome feeling. Win! 


Doctor Deyncourt keeps journals. This is totally not my thing but I figured why not try since, obviously, yoga, meditation, dancing, singing and drinking and drinking did not prevent me from running today. Drunk running? Not recommended btw. It sounds funnier than it is. Although maybe I can start a new event---New York Half Drunk Marathon. What? Just saying. It could be a thing.

I don't really have anything to really write. Just a hundred questions. And images I can't shake yet. Anyway, here goes--

I feel like I lost something that I never had in the first place. 
Is it normal to want to see him again? 
He still knew more about me than anyone else even though I only saw him for a short time. How messed up is that? 
I hate him. I hate him. 
I should hate him. 
I hate him. It's ok to write it. I. Hate. Him. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. But, actually, I really don't hate him. I just hurt.
But I don't. Hate him, that is.
Does that mean there's something wrong with me? 
Was he disappointed in me? Why does it matter? It doesn't matter. Then why does it matter?

How can I be talking about several people at once two people at once and this still makes sense?

This is lame. I'm sure it works for some peeps but I've got work to do. We're installing a new security system at the club today and the marble finally came in to replace the floor downstairs where the blood browned the tiles. I don't know, maybe once I don't have to look at it anymore, it might make some things a bit better.


May. 2nd, 2017 11:43 pm
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 HI guys, got a painful kick in the butt from RL. Replies will be slow (so sorry in advance), I admit that I'll likely drop/quickly wrap up non-plotty stand alone threads but admin stuff (MA) will still continue. 
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Oh, no. She totally doesn't feel this in the deepest, blackest depths of her soul. Nope. Why would she?? Just because it mirrors everything that happened? Nah, pffft. 

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Ezera's creation was inspired by the book Farewell to Berlin, which was the original source material for the movie and Broadway show, Cabaret. And, of course, her story was particularly inspired by the Broadway production. "The musical, set in 1931 Berlin as the Nazis are rising to power, it is based in nightlife at the seedy Kit Kat Klub, and revolves around young American writer Cliff Bradshaw and his relationship with 32-year-old English cabaret performer Sally Bowles (which doesn’t end well as you can imagine--it doesn't end well in our retelling either, but that's a story for another day). Overseeing the action is the Master of Ceremonies at the Kit Kat Klub. The club serves as a metaphor for ominous political developments in late Weimar Germany." The Cabaret broadway retelling brings this to the fore much more darkly after its second debut in New York and then in London. 


This inspires our modern version, in which Ezera descends from a line of cabaret folk (from her father’s side). Her grandfather, a person from history, is "Werner Finck (2 May 1902 – 31 July 1978) who “was a German Kabarett comedian, actor and author. Not politically motivated by his own admission but just a "convinced individualist", he became one of Germany's leading cabaret artists under the conditions of the Nazi suppression after 1933.” He owned the Katalomb Kaberet.


Historically,  "Katakombe was closed on 10 May 1935 on the orders of Minister Joseph Goebbels. Finck and his colleagues were interned for six weeks in Esterwegen concentration camp. The Katakombe ensemble took their arrest in good stride, because they still performed despite their imprisonment. They reasoned that before the cabaret closed down they had performed with anxiety due to the fear of incarceration; now they did need not to fear because they were already in prison! It was due to the intervention of his friend, actress Käthe Dorsch, who talked to Goebbels' rival Hermann Göring, that Finck was released on 1 July on condition that he did not work in public for a year."

For the purposes of Ezera’s story and to give her and her family a strong sense of mistrust for political and security establishments for generations, Dorsch’s persuasions are unsuccessful and the ensemble, along with her grandfather, are killed.

Both her father and then Ezera have continue to have trouble with the cops and security apparatus throughout the life of the club, whether in Berlin or New York, for different reasons. Ezera's own tenure at the head of the club brings with it tense relations with the NYPD. 


Josef Baader, Ezera’s father (whose surname was changed to Baader when he migrated to the United States), had similar success in his own time, reopened the nightclub, and ran it illegally with some infamy. In our story the club closes permanently slightly after the Berlin Wall falls and a young Ezera and her family are pressured to flee Germany. The cabaret had aways been a seat of political dissent and resistance against the regime organized through the arts (song, dance, comedy). Over the course of many years, dissenters found refuge in the cabaret as well as those escaping the German Stasi, like Emcee (shorter version for Master of Ceremonies), who was saved by Ezera’s father. When they flee, they flee with Emcee in tow and they leave because as the German intelligentsia starts bleeding out overnight, it decides to clean up its loose ends, which happens to include the secrets that Ezera’s father and Emcee have thanks to years in the establishment (Emcee) and through the dissenters that they housed (Josef Baader). They also leave because the Baader family was part of the resistance movement in East Germany. Ezera would have had no idea then as these things were not mentioned to children in fear that they might say something in public that could compromise the family or the resistance. The going-ons at the cabaret were normal things for Ezera as she grew older and a lot of the time the people that came through were just known to her as 'Uncle' or 'Aunt', a term of respect but also a necessary cover to protect everyone. 

This is the model that Ezera’s father brings to the United States when he opens another Katakomb Kabaret in NYC wishing for a new start for his family. But sometimes you can’t run from the past. 


Ezera’s character is very loosely based on Anita Berber, an interesting but controversial figure in Weimer Germany and Sally Balls, the character from Caberet. Her two other loose influences come from real life, a composite of people that I met when I was an emergency manager, people who had lost everything in terrible disasters, but still stood tall, resilient, determined and filled with gratitude that despite the horror they faced, despite the uncertainty of their future and the need to start over from nothing, they were alive. And a colleague, who didn’t survive a particularly brutal cancer but had such an internal light, amazing personality, resilience and strength within her despite of it.

As a result of her historical backstory and her own backstory, Ezera is meant to be a light in life, a woman that truly shines bright, is out for a good time and has little shame, traits that can be easily misinterpreted as being a result of naiveté when in fact they come from positive choices made as a result of some difficult circumstances. 

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From writing activity over at [community profile] morbidaristocracy 

C is for Caution and those that throw it to the wind. That, can also be considered as carelessness with which one creates the caustic conditions that lead to catastrophe. See here. What happened at the “other club” could not be laid at her feet—not the human trafficking that her (deceased, not deceased and then definitely decreased) father had spiraled down into while Emcee laundered the funds through her club, the Katakomb Kabaret, nor the fact that Emcee escaped or the colossal betrayal that made it feel like she was bleeding out every time she thought of her once family. Those were circumstances beyond her control, defined by their destiny, something that they chose for themselves, but whose consequences were bequeathed to her in a fortune of guilt. Of confusion.

Read more... )
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[Find her here]

1. I tried the ‘catch and release’ method to deal with the mouse problem at the club. Those little insurgents are dicks. I think it’s time to move onto napalm.

2. I think I may have sent you a naughty text meant for someone else last night. Awkward!

3. You. Me. And regret. How does that sound for Friday night?

4. Quick! Name 3 venereal diseases that you can get through bestiality. Horrible date. Need an exit.

5. Send her a text!

Club Wars

Mar. 10th, 2017 04:32 pm
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[A Youtube video was going viral this evening embedded in a Time Out article that someone wrote called ‘Killer Klub Battle’. The video, alone, was from Ezera’s club, the Katacomb Kabaret. Under the description for the video on Youtube, it said:]

Dear Club Indigo,

We saw your interview with Time Out New York.

You called us the “naughty little children of the club scene—who titillate with lots of sparkle but little substance.” It took us awhile to stop giggling at the word “titillate” before we could write this note (you might be right about calling us children. We accept.) but, son, we’ve thrived in NYC’s cut throat club scene since ’95 so we’re confident we’re doing something right.

You went on to say that “the party is over at the Katacomb Kabaret after a season of police raids”. On each of these occasions the police have found nothing. We assume that the cops raid us because it’s the only way that they can legitimately explain why they’re drinking our whiskey and watching our stage show every other night while on-duty.

You also called my dancers and me “talentless tacky divas”. I really can’t say anything about your dancers, except that they are all fantastic, you’ll notice in the video we’ve made for you that a lot of them have been working for me for the past few months after they quit Indigo.

As really naughty children, we’re always misbehaving and we wanted to prove that the party is never over. We stripped down the sparkle so that it wouldn’t distract you from the substance. Forgive us, we could only spend two hours on the choreography and the dancers had only an hour to learn the steps and the variations. It lacks the sparkle of our aerial acts, our storytelling, costumes, and several other dance and cabaret styles that we combine together into our trademark style that the New York Times, Time Out New York and Bessie Awards seem to like if their reviews and accolades are any indication.

We decided to only stick with urban dance for this video, which isn’t our main area of dance expertise at all, but we wanted to make you feel comfortable since we believe it is the solo dance style at Indigo.

See you at the party.

Naughty by Nature, Ezera on behalf of the Katakomb Kabaret

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(OOC: Yo. Muchachos. This disclaimer is kinda unnecessary here but muse is a civil society minded, global citizen that believes in various humanitarian interests and involvement in causes. It's just a big part of who she is. If politically sensitive stuff isn't your thang right now, cool. I get it. Then don't read. Nothing here that's offensive or really super political, but just being mindful. Should you prefer your RL to remain firmly out of your RP then please stop here. And remember, your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device.)  Crossposted to [community profile] morbidaristocracy 

Keep on moving until the first rays of dawn... )
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