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C is for Caution and those that throw it to the wind. That, can also be considered as carelessness with which one creates the caustic conditions that lead to catastrophe. See here. What happened at the “other club” could not be laid at her feet—not the human trafficking that her (deceased, not deceased and then definitely decreased) father had spiraled down into while Emcee laundered the funds through her club, the Katakomb Kabaret, nor the fact that Emcee escaped or the colossal betrayal that made it feel like she was bleeding out every time she thought of her once family. Those were circumstances beyond her control, defined by their destiny, something that they chose for themselves, but whose consequences were bequeathed to her in a fortune of guilt. Of confusion.

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Club Wars

Mar. 10th, 2017 04:32 pm
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[A Youtube video was going viral this evening embedded in a Time Out article that someone wrote called ‘Killer Klub Battle’. The video, alone, was from Ezera’s club, the Katacomb Kabaret. Under the description for the video on Youtube, it said:]

Dear Club Indigo,

We saw your interview with Time Out New York.

You called us the “naughty little children of the club scene—who titillate with lots of sparkle but little substance.” It took us awhile to stop giggling at the word “titillate” before we could write this note (you might be right about calling us children. We accept.) but, son, we’ve thrived in NYC’s cut throat club scene since ’95 so we’re confident we’re doing something right.

You went on to say that “the party is over at the Katacomb Kabaret after a season of police raids”. On each of these occasions the police have found nothing. We assume that the cops raid us because it’s the only way that they can legitimately explain why they’re drinking our whiskey and watching our stage show every other night while on-duty.

You also called my dancers and me “talentless tacky divas”. I really can’t say anything about your dancers, except that they are all fantastic, you’ll notice in the video we’ve made for you that a lot of them have been working for me for the past few months after they quit Indigo.

As really naughty children, we’re always misbehaving and we wanted to prove that the party is never over. We stripped down the sparkle so that it wouldn’t distract you from the substance. Forgive us, we could only spend two hours on the choreography and the dancers had only an hour to learn the steps and the variations. It lacks the sparkle of our aerial acts, our storytelling, costumes, and several other dance and cabaret styles that we combine together into our trademark style that the New York Times, Time Out New York and Bessie Awards seem to like if their reviews and accolades are any indication.

We decided to only stick with urban dance for this video, which isn’t our main area of dance expertise at all, but we wanted to make you feel comfortable since we believe it is the solo dance style at Indigo.

See you at the party.

Naughty by Nature, Ezera on behalf of the Katakomb Kabaret

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