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snakechahmah: (Warm)

Life is a Cabaret

and then you wake up wearing someone elses knickers

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Created on 2015-07-16 02:25:36 (#2424742), last updated 2017-09-24 (1 day ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 1
Website:Morbid Aristocracy

Cabaret Culture Diva on the brink of extinction. Like most people walking on this rock hurtling through space, I am an unfinished masterpiece. My goal is to be worth more dead than alive. Like Van Gogh but with nicer ears to cut off to send to former friends.

name. "M"time zone. eastern pb.K. Perry


Interests (81):

1920s, 1930s 1940, absinthe, activism, alternative culture, alternative fashion, alternative medicine, anita berber, anthropology, beirut, belly dance, black and white film, black comedy, bohemian, buntes theater, cabaret, circus freak shows, dark cabaret, deadfly ensemble, desert nomads, dresden dolls, drinking, eastern philosophy, evocative music, fire walking, flappers, folies-bergère, folklore, goddess, goth, grand-guignol, henri de toulouse-lautrec, herkuleskeule, horror, katakombe, kurt tucholsky, le chat noir, lisa gerrard, macabre, marlene dietrich, medical oddities, moulin rouge, music, muzsikás, noir cabaret, nomadic tribes, old photography, opium dens, paganism, pentaphobe, performing arts, pre-war germany, role playing, roma, rp, saloons, silent film, smoking, speakeasy, spirituality, steam punk, strong women, swords, tantra, tattoos, tea, tenebrae nostro, the birthday massacre, the pierces, three penny opera, travel, tribal belly dance, tribal fusion belly dance, turkey, vegetarianism, water pipes, weimar republic, werner finck, world music, yoga, šaban bajramović
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