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I love some of this choreography.

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AUSTIN McCORMICK REEL from Company XIV on Vimeo.

This is the style you'd likely see at the cabaret for their seasonal performances (goodness, you couldn't maintain this EVERY night)--4 different performances, for 1 1/2 month a piece. Then you have regular cabaret nights and era events like vintage 1920s jazz nights, swing and other.
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Having a Bad Day But It's Still Ok! (w/ Grace, Cassie, Ronan - Main Verse, w/The Doctor-Ten/Alt-Verse)

Thanksgiving Invitation
(w/Oni - Main verse)

Were going to cut down the biggest fucker we can find (w/ Ronan - Main Verse)

Lost Necklace (w/Cassie - Main Verse)

Meeting Grace
(w/Grace - Main verse)

Don't Worry, I've Got This (w/Oni - Main verse)  :o)

Izzy & The Doctor
(w/Ten - Alt-Verse)

It's kinda funny. I can tell how much work I have by the amount of RP I do. A lot of work actually means I am at the computer a lot more, work longer, but take more breaks. Less work...I vanish. Hope I have less work after December! Ha! But these have been a lot of fun.


Nov. 6th, 2016 08:40 pm
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 Ok, so we're trying this because we've actually never participated in this kinda thang seriously. Like ever. 

Cirque de la Lune
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So, it was inevitable, the PB, sadly, had to be changed. It was in the works for a long time and I finally got around to it because of the attention I have been giving her (until my next project at work, ha! ugh). I think that this PB gives me more to work with even though I had hoped to find someone less recognizable and a bit less mainstream. However, oddly enough, Miss KP has a lot of images that just "fit" with Izzy's background, so here we are. Good timing though considering that I've been writing her more and suddenly found myself in the a place were I could flesh her out in regards to some more expression-specific images. 

I struggled between deciding between Kat Von Dee, Alyssa Milano during her Charmed years and Pink (who would have been awesome because it's the dance style we're moving towards) but I think this is a good fit. 

Personality and background history stays the same. No changes there except for what naturally evolves in RP.

What I am changing is that I'll be softening the emphasis on her as a bellydancer when writing because I am changing her to become a more well-rounded performer in general. I'm not negating or deleting those skills, just going to have her focus on other forms of dance performance. It's been more then...7 years? since her inception, I think it's safe to say that she would have evolved in that direction anyway. Truth told, I would rather have her develop stronger cabaret type performance roots/skills than the bellydance elements (since it works better with where I can see her story going and works better considering what she used to do in the past), so you'll see that dynamic shift a bit which means that yes, you'll see a shift in her fashion sense too, which was a big part of her performance appearance. However, a more vintage era look also fits her cabaret story better. You'll be seeing more aerial acts, modern dance, traditional cabaret, and burlesque at the cabaret! (Again, think P!nk.) We welcome you! ;)

So, that's it really! 
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Where the Devil don't Go | w/Frank Castle aka The Punisher (2016) - Turning point

Just when she thought that it couldn't worse, they dig her deceased mother up on Izzy's "gut feeling" to see if they could find any clues that might help get her outta this mess. Bring on the Jack Daniels. 

Bullets over broadway
 | w/Frank Castle aka The Punisher (2016) - Turning point

Ezera witnesses a man get shot and killed by The Punisher. He ends up saving her life in a misadventure that she never saw coming but ends up with the body count piling up. It only gets worse and Ezera's told that she's wanted for Frank's murders and that Emcee framed her. She makes a choice to put her trust in Frank despite the fact that she knows that her shit could get other people killed (even if they are bad people) but she does not know how she'll deal with the guilt. 

Having a Bad Day But It's Still Ok! | w/ Grace, Cassie, Ronan (2016)

Thanksgiving Invitation
 | w/Oni  (2016)

Were going to cut down the biggest fucker we can find | w/ Ronan & Sam  (2016)

Lost Necklace | w/Cassie (2016)

Meeting Grace
 | w/Grace (2016)

Size Matters | w/Ronan (2016)

Ezera and Ronan are trying to get into an exclusive party and then Ronan asks a time honored and important question that Ezera can't help demonstrating.

Don't worry, I've totally got this. | w/ Oni (2016)

Ezera has the great impulsive idea of saving an abused dog while hanging out with Oni. It was supposed to be easy--snatch and run. But it turns out our dog fighters are also drug & arms dealers. 

I need to get my shit together
 | w/ Oni (2016)
Do not get into the way when these two want ice cream. For reals. 

Hello, Lover?
But where have her knickers gone? And why does her head hurt so bad? Who cares when there's a hot man in your bed the next morning!

The Fuzz hits the fan | Ezera & Police Constable Nicholas Angel

After being threatened by Emcee, Ezera goes to the last place she thinks that she'll find help--the police station. She barely manages to get herself thrown out but is helped by a sympathetic cop who wants to do the right thing.

I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up to No Good | Ezera & Jake - Turning point

After nearly averting disaster, Ezera and Jake head to the Katakomb Kabaret for her performance! However, the cops come when the club is serving really high end but illegal absinthe. Jake swallows a glass of it to get rid of the evidence. Problem is, he doesn't drink. Jake chases the Green Fairy and both he and Ezera get arrested. They have a cute moment. *Turning point: She has the feels for him but he gets killed in-game later on in another thread by a demon. Baader women have a lot of bad luck!*  

Carnival of Cannibalistic Delights..okay it's just a carnival. | Ezera & Oni | Ezera & Jake

Ezera fangirls over Jake, the famous tattoo artist. They spend some time together. Ezera also meets Oni and take a liking to her. They just click, you know? Well, Oni might have something else to say about that.

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Your links should lead to the following information:

1. Character Bio:
2. Piece of fiction:
3. ONE of your favorite threads that your character participated in: I love the bits with Oni and Izzy:
4. A link to anything that we need to know about their fandom. Nope. Nadda. 
5. Whether your character is coming into the community clean (no history/starting over) or is keeping previous history (something that needs to be discussed with any of the players that your muse might have history with...

Ezera is coming in with her history intact, adjusting for anyone else's changes to their characters.

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"Berühren sie nicht mich, you bastard!" She yelled out with as much passion as she put in her cabaret dance rehearsal not even an hour ago. Dark mahogany colored eyes that matched the Lautari fiddle on the desk glared at Emcee venomously and she only wished that looks could kill. It'd make this so much easier. "My mother has not been dead a year and you have already stolen everything from them. From me!" Her hand, speckled in intricate black henna whirls and enough rings to rival Saturn's, reached out for the tacky faux diamond encrusted tissue box and hurled it at him followed by a paperweight and then the papers that were underneath it. "So don't you tell me to calm down, you lying sack of shit! Hurensohn!" The lawyer next to Emcee ducked down as the tissue box veered off course and flew passed his head. Sure he looked up at her through his wire rimmed glasses with much disapproval, but she had probably helped their case by throwing a grade-A tantrum. Gotta love lawyers, always thinking of a way to screw you over for a buck. For fuck's sake, prostitutes had more dignity. Emcee side stepped the paper weight that slammed a small crater into the cheap plaster wall of the office and brought his hand up to shield his face from the onslaught of paper cuts. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." The way he clicked his tongue, slow and coldly with an indifferent lazy disapproval made her shudder. "You must forgive her." He said calmly, still looking at her while addressing Errol Kline, his noxious lawyer whose pinched features looked as if they had melted off his face and bunched up in an unattractive mass in the middle.Momma, doesn't have an inkling! )
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