Mar. 26th, 2017

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From writing activity over at [community profile] morbidaristocracy 

C is for Caution and those that throw it to the wind. That, can also be considered as carelessness with which one creates the caustic conditions that lead to catastrophe. See here. What happened at the “other club” could not be laid at her feet—not the human trafficking that her (deceased, not deceased and then definitely decreased) father had spiraled down into while Emcee laundered the funds through her club, the Katakomb Kabaret, nor the fact that Emcee escaped or the colossal betrayal that made it feel like she was bleeding out every time she thought of her once family. Those were circumstances beyond her control, defined by their destiny, something that they chose for themselves, but whose consequences were bequeathed to her in a fortune of guilt. Of confusion.

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